Eat & Tell: FARMBYRD Rotisserie & Fry

We found a gem just off the beaten path of one of the busiest bustling sections of Plano, Texas.  Snuggled in Preston Parker Crossing on Parker Road, just East of Preston, is Farmbyrd Rotisserie & Fry

Farmbyrd is a year old, but the space is authentic and feels established, yet elevated from your run-of-the-mill casual chicken restaurant.  The reclaimed wood and repurposed hanging door dividers in the wide open space invite you to the counter or the bar to check out what Farmbyrd has to offer. 

What makes it unique? Well, for one it’s their signature rub made up of 16 spices and seasonings.  It’s the Farmbyrd flavor, cultivated to be diverse enough to compliment french fries and chicken, yet distinctive and memorable so you’ll have to come back for more.  The second thing that sets them apart is the side items.  It will change the way you eat cauliflower, slaw and artichokes when you taste the Farmbyrd versions.

You have to try the chicken – rotisserie or fried – to taste that signature rub.  There’s just enough spice that doesn’t overwhelm you so you can dig in and go back for more of the briny, full combination. 

I didn’t see it coming, but we really loved the Artichoke Hearts & Goat Cheese.  It was an instant favorite from the first bite.  The rich dish has a hint of sweetness to it while the salted creamy local goat cheese makes these artichokes amazing.  

Other impressive sides include the Cauliflower Gratin, with its satisfying crispiness, and the creamy Mac n’ Cheese.  Next time we’ll give the Texas Pecan & Bleu Cheese Slaw and the Crispy Fries a try.

For a green touch, the Super Greens or the FB Wedge are a crowd pleaser.  Crispy root vegetables, cranberries, goat cheese and candied walnut create a perfect blend in the Super Greens salad.  Of course you can find tomatoes, Texas pecans, smoked bacon, creamy blue cheese and even scallions in the FB Wedge.  Delicious!



Co-founder Ryan Carbery says a lot of thought goes into the food at Farmbyrd. He unassumingly describes their approach to the menu as “it’s simple food, respect the ingredients.”

Carbery’s culinary background and restaurant experience with business partner, Tim McLaughlin, started in St. Louis. Both trained chefs from Le Cordon Bleu, McLaughlin and Carbery, along with partner RJ Timmons, wanted to create this neighborhood chef-driven restaurant where you can get high-quality southern fried and rotisserie chicken, sides and craft beer and cocktails.

One last menu tip – ask for the Clarence Mac n’ Stuff of the day.  This daily rotation features flavors from buffalo blue cheese to pimento with roasted jalapeños and bacon.  


You can find Farmbyrd at 3308 Preston Road, Ste. 380, Plano, TX 75093 and online at

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05 Jan 2018

By Kelly Walker