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Lobsta & Chowda House


A lofty eatery is waiting for you on the 2nd level of Legacy Food Hall in Plano’s Legacy West.  While the ground level of the acclaimed food hall has a variety of more than 20 food stalls, one flight of stairs up you’ll find one solitary restaurant holding court - Sea Breeze Lobsta & Chowda House.

Family-owned Lobsta & Chowda serves New England-style lobster rolls and clam chowder.  Rick Oruch and his son, Ryan, own and operate Sea Breeze Fish Market and Grill in Plano, just a few minutes away from Legacy Food Hall. They traveled and worked throughout the East Coast taking stock of the best lobster, chowder and clam shacks to open their own back in 2007. They’ve expanded the brand into the condensed, food hall version, Lobsta & Chowder, with Ryan at the helm.


In addition to the flavorsome food offerings of Lobsta & Chowda we like their story, their passion about culinary creativity, their family business, their sense of community they’ve stumbled into at Legacy Food Hall. Ryan exudes respect for and pulls inspiration from the litany of talented chefs in the building.  Something amazing is going on between the bustling lunch and dinner rush, when the entrepreneurs and cooks and chefs share ideas and success stories.


On this condensed Lobsta & Chowda menu you’ll find four rolls along with three favorites, which lump a roll along with a side item.  We enjoyed the classic New England Lobster Roll, which features wild caught lobster, celery, tarragon, and mayo topped with drawn butter.  The Sea Breeze roll was my personal favorite. The creamy Louie dressing is a perfect fresh compliment to the shrimp and crab in this sandwich (for those of you not yet familiar with the term roll in this capacity).


I have to give love to the buns. The buns hail from a New Bedford, MA bakery. Once Ryan and his dad found and tasted these buns, they had to have them, and they tried to replicate them, but without perfection. So, the buns come to them. Maybe it’s the water, but something about being made in the northeast make a difference to the taste and texture of these delicious, crisp, flaky buns.


In the spirit of family entrepreneurs, the favorites on the Lobsta & Chowda menu are named after family dogs.  The Raider, which is a lobster roll and a cup of chowda, is named after the classic family dog, Raider.  And, you have the shrimp and crab roll with a side of french fries affectionately named after Ryan’s dog, Wilfred. 


We couldn’t get enough of the namesake chowda.  Sure it’s fun to say and all, but the full, bold and smooth chowda is a champ that left us hungry for more, down to the last spoonful.


Notes about the menu:

  • Ryan’s Rotator Roll is literally his chance to get creative and make something tasty and different any day. You may find rolls from crab cake to a salmon philly!
  • Ask about the secret menu.
  • The trio is a great way to share and get a taste of more than one roll. You get half of a lobster roll, half of a shrimp roll and half of a shrimp and crab roll.
  • The chowda is gluten free.


You can find Sea Breeze Lobsta & Chowda on the 2nd floor of Legacy Food Hall at 7800 Windrose Ave, Plano, TX 75024.

And find them on facebook and instagram as @SeaBreezeLobsta.

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16 Jan 2018

By Kelly Walker