Eat & Tell: WOW! Donuts and Drips

Here’s another welcome addition to North Texas’ thriving food scene and a boon to night owls looking to satisfy their late-night cravings for luscious sweets. WOW! Donuts and Drips, an artisanal donut and coffee/tea shop with grand ambitions, recently opened their first-ever location in Plano at 6509 W. Park Blvd, and there’s more to this place than meets the eye!

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with fresh batches made in-house daily, you’ll never run out of options if you’re hit with the need for something sweet (even at the most inconvenient of times!)


Walk into the spacious interior and take in the inviting blue-white-pink-pastel color scheme and you’ll immediately be put at ease by several young friendly faces and their cheerful greetings. Your eyes will be drawn to the Drip coffee and tea station first where you can see (and inhale!) the magic being created right in front of you. I ordered the Ethiopian blend and the Patagonia White Guava tea, at the enthusiastic suggestion of the barista, and settled back to watch the components twitch and swirl inside the steampunk-themed reverse siphon full immersion brewer.

My first sip of the coffee confirmed what I could already tell from its aroma – the Ethiopian was smoky, full-flavored, and intense, while the tea was almost the exact opposite – light, fruity, and sweet with a hint of tartness. Both were very delicious would very readily satisfy, depending on your mood. And then it was time to sample the donuts before the beverages ran out.

David Sim, the store’s owner and general manager, shared how much he’s committed to the creation of the perfect version of this much-beloved fried dough – by ensuring that he’s using only the freshest ingredients and adhering to strict quality control.



Such attention to detail became clear when they handed over the delectable treats (which can be custom-ordered, by the way!) and they looked just as good as they taste – colorful, unique, mouth watering. 

This applies to all 120 flavors of them. And while 120 choices can seem overwhelming to some, there really is a donut for just about everybody – from the decadent Vanilla Cheesecake Raspberry, to the trendy Maple Bacon, to even the simple and classic Glazed and Strawberries and Cream. Wow! Donuts and Drips, according to Mr. Sim, makes sure that every ingredient in or on their donuts has a purpose to fulfill, whether to enhance the overall flavor of the treat or to bring the taste to a completely different (and delicious) direction. Nothing escapes their knowledge

and attention.

As I tend to like it better when food is kept simple, I have to say that my favorite donut from WOW! Donuts and Drips, was the tried-and-true Strawberries and Cream – the fun combination of the silken icing and the fresh fruit on top was simply addictive. But WOW! Donuts and Drips is truly a donut and coffee shop that appeals to everyone, so if you come visit and you find out that you like something else entirely, that’s perfectly fine. As long as you DO come visit! And do it soon.

WOW! Donuts and Drips just recently opened on Dec 20, 2017, and would like you to check their Facebook page (@wowdonutsanddrips) for product updates as they still are experimenting with their offerings and store hours.


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30 Dec 2017

By Mary Anne Zamora