Frisco Fine Art's Grand Opening is Friday, Oct 6th

After a ton of work and countless hours organizing the most epic Grand Opening Frisco has ever seen, Frisco Fine Art is excited to be a part of the new downtown Frisco, full of rich history.  You can now view fine art, enjoy great food, shop, walk, and enjoy old downtown Frisco as it becomes new again!

Frisco Fine Art features national and international artists, artists from the community, and an amazing glass gallery.  A number of fun and captivating events including art classes, artist's workshops, and even Vino Meets Van Gogh Painting Parties await you.  In addition, we are excited to have partnered with David Call Interiors who has specialized in interior design and art placement for home and business for 25 years..  

Be sure and visit their website for the packed calendar of special events surrounding the biggest art opening in Frisco history.

Upcoming events include: 

  • Charlotte Van Ross, Charlotte Shoyer, Mark Andrew Allen, and special guest artist Courtney Peace of Cornbread Hustle.
  • Dr. Jen Welter, first female coach in the NFL and Frisco Fine Art Artist unveiling her "Fire & Ice" collection.
  • Frisco's Pajama Party, Children's Book Signings and Readings, Live Artist Demonstrations, & Piano Performances.
  • Vino Meets Van Gogh date night for couples and parents who want to have a little fun!
  • Grace to Change "Tiny House" Charity Event on Wednesday, October 11th.
  • Real Estate agents and Interior Designer Event featuring Jewelry Designer Debra Gaspar. 

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02 Oct 2017