New Art In Downtown Plano

Have you seen the amazing new art in downtown Plano? There are 7 pieces to look for as you make your way around downtown.


Here's what the artist, Joshua Wiener, says about his work:


"The robust performing arts in Plano inspired this artwork. These sculptures are a celebration of art. The experience is based on being lost in the charms of a performance. Sounds, light, and movement all blend into a surreal mass. I wanted to blend the figures into the compositions in a way that leaves room for interpretation. Appearing as columns of smoky light, the musicians will evoke the experience that is to come. The musicians are positioned so as you approach, they emerge. Engaging the audience with wild and flowing forms will imbue a sense of excitement for Plano."

Artist Joshua Wiener In Plano Texas 

The art is located on 15th Street, between North Central Expressway (US 75) and Avenue G.


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09 Feb 2018