Shop & Tell: Kentucky St Antiques


Tucked away in a quiet little corner just a few blocks away from Historical Downtown McKinney, lies one of the best hidden gems in this part of town. 

Kentucky St Antiques is one of those cozy and offbeat shops guaranteed to bring a smile or a twinkle to the eye of history or design buffs looking for more than just a random vintage curio. This unique store proudly displays quite a few fascinating trinkets and treasures of the past, from ancient keys and wooden receipt makers, to faded porcelain dolls, charming creaky rocking chairs, classical mechanical toys, and early photographic prints of people long gone, but now remembered in the store’s colorful busy walls.

The biting cold was quickly forgotten as I walked inside the shop and was charmed by its warm, bright, and comfortable interior. Shopkeeper, Amy Quay, whose easygoing manner perfectly matched the pleasantly inviting atmosphere of her store, graciously answered all of my questions with the quiet confidence of an owner who was clearly passionate about her Antique business. She shared a bit of its history with me; Kentucky St Antiques started when she was gathering treasures and trinkets for a family wedding. Over time, her antique collection grew too large to be stored comfortably in her home, so she decided to move to a bigger space just 2 blocks north of the Square. Now, Amy conducts careful research and travels to Estate Sales all over the country searching for the perfect items to add to her impressive and ever-growing collection.


When asked what can someone expect when they walk in her store, Amy said that “shoppers will be transported back in time to a place when life was much more simple.” She constantly hears “Oh, I remember my grandmother had one of these.” They will see toys dating back to the early 1900’s, an 1800’s pump organ, 200-year- old doors, wagon wheels, signs, furniture, you name it. Kentucky St Antiques finds the best of the past. 

A set of 200-year-old mismatched doors are among Amy’s must-have personal favorite treasures. They are gorgeous and would make a great addition to any home. And something that should thrill sign lovers everywhere – they have road signs, oil and gas signs, coke signs, and many, many more. They really do have something for everyone INCLUDING a really cool 1957 Ford F100 parked just outside the store, serving as sort of a cheerful unofficial welcome signpost for Kentucky St Antiques.

It might be easy to miss this little gem if you’re not already looking for it, but trust us when we say that it’s worth the few extra minutes of walking or driving from the square in downtown McKinney to check out this quirky little shop that might just give you a brand-new appreciation for the cool retro-vibe of a time long past.







Kentucky St Antiques is located at: 

503A N Kentucky Street
McKinney, Texas 75070

Check out their website here: and facebook page here:

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12 Jan 2018

By Mary Anne Zamora